Flow Fests presents FLOW ARTS WORKSHOPS at Okeechobee Music Fest 2017

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HEY OKEECHOBEEINGS! While you are amping up to hit the portal, bring your toys- poi! hoops! devil sticks! dragon staff! Flow Fests present Flow Arts workshops in the Incendia Domes DAILY Friday-Sunday, 2pm-4pm

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Friday- 2pm-4pm 2pm: Intro to Contact Poi- Greg Haskins… This workshop focuses on the fundamental elements of contact frameworks such as arm rolls, balance points, arm position and consistency. This is an advanced poi workshop.

2:30pm: Isolations with Poi- Javier Dieguez… An intensive workshop covering the various types of isolations that can be done with poi at different spots around the body. Javier will cover, in depth, several drills to get the body used to producing crisp isolations. Depending on class level
and rate of learning, we will also cover several hybrids that involve isolations.

* Topics Covered
-Horizontal Isolations and transitions in and out of them
-Vertical Isolations starting with buzzsaws variants and then moving to wall plane variants (with drills involving the different spinning directions and alternating which arm is in front to seamlessly maintain the illusion)
-Isolated Pendulums and transitions in and out of the from Isolations
-Hybrids involving isolations such as iso vs extension, iso vs horizontal/vertical cateyes, iso vs triquetra, etc.

3pm: Exploring inside Space with Poi- EVOL KID Media- Bryce Smith…Exploring inside Space – Bryce will explain what it means to go “ inside” and how to move around once we get there. He will give a couple of exercises for slipping into inside space from various locations outside. This includes horizontal insides as well as vertical. He will differentiate between inside waterfall space (inside on bottom) and inside space windmill (inside on top).

Topics covered:
* 3 petal waterfall flower vs 3 petal wall flower
*3 petal waterfall flower vs wall static
*W/ one beat inside
*Waterfall linear extentions vs any wall plane shape
*Waterfall Isolation vs wall static
*crosser with inside swing
*penduluming through windmill in 5 beat
*inside space behind armpit
*negative/ inside space with knee wrap

3:30pm: No Beats with Poi- Greg Haskins… This workshop focuses on no beat tosses, throw and catch types as well as body spaces and drills to improve consistency. This class is for intermediate to advanced poi spinners.


Saturday- 2pm-4pm

2pm: Beginner/Intermediate Devil Sticks- Austin Lokey

2:30pm: Beginner/Intermediate Contact Staff- Richard Deane

3pm: Caging Dragons Staff- Sarah Heather Putnam

3:30pm: Basics to Ground Contact- Eton Barrett


Sunday- 2pm-4pm

2pm: Better Butter Body Rolls w/ Hoop – Jacquie Imhoff…A class that breaks down the fundamentals of a chest body roll, hand to hand, full contact from point A to point B. Breaking down the process into basic steps to perfect your technique. Once everyone is comfortable, we go on to utilize all planes and surfaces of the body to execute body rolls so delicious, you swear your Grandma baked them fresh. From behind the back, to neck tosses, to balances, we will cover a multitude of entrances and exits into full contact body rolls.

2:30pm: Infamous Devil Sticks and Body Rolls- Austin Lokey… teaches how to initiate the flower roll and sustain perpetual momentum with your flower. Learn 6 different body rolls that took 1,000 of hours to discover, and see how long you can make the roll go!


3pm: Musicality in Motion for All Props- Jacquie Imhoff…This class is to introduce and define musicality to enhance our movements. We will dissect and discuss the components, layers, and over all vibe of music that allows us to translate music into movement. After a warm-up, we will explore our the concepts we have discussed with exercises that will help to create a flow of well-timed motion. Once finally in the “groove” state, we add props into the equation, creating a symphony of expression.

3:30pm: 9 Square Theory & Application for All Props- EVOL KID Media- Bryce Smith…9 Square Revisited ( Lecture and Application) – During this class, students may pick up their props to sample some ideas as Bryce will be giving examples but this is intended to be a lecture or concept developing workshop. At the end of the workshop ( if there is time), he will display a couple of applications of the ideas taught and gladly break them down for student that would like for me to.

*Topics covered

The Rule of Thirds: What Makes a Perceivable Design
9 Square Introduction: What is the 9 Square Theory
Exploring the Squares
4 Triangles to Make a Square: Overlapping Triangles
The Rule of Thirds: Applying Three Dimensions (first 10 of minutes the class to follow this one)


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