Don’t forget to Flourish!

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#flourish 3 things you are not


A quick reminder from Flow Fests, celebrating: EASTER, tax day, 4/20, and EARTH DAY this week…. ….don’t forget to flourish…

3 Things you are NOT:


1. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. You’re actually incredibly resilient and powerful. You are beautiful and skillful at being who you are. You are a HUGE contribution to many people, and you owe NOTHING to them for this, nor do THEY owe YOU anything. No flower ever looks despairingly down to their leaves and thinks: WHAT A WASTE OF SPACE I HAVE BECOME. Perhaps your best tool is to surround yourself with the flowers of your world, so they can mirror your goodness, and your WHOLENESS, back to you.


2. YOU ARE NOT A LOST CAUSE. You are a work in progress, no MORE so or LESS so than I am, than your parents are/were, than your kids are, etc. And, actually, if I were to build on the first point here, you are ACTUALLY a massively impressive masterpiece in progress. As such, you will never know if the steps you take are the RIGHT ones. There will never be such a certain thing as certainty. And so, you can’t say, definitively, that you are unlovable, or worthless, or unforgivable. An artist never really knows if the brush stoke or line is going to be more impactful than the erasure mark. We JUMP. And we are ALWAYS doing our BEST- at every moment.


3. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Once, when speaking to a transformational trainer named Bettie Spruill… I was talking about how I shut people out and don’t know what it’s like to receive support from others… AND SHE TOTALLY INTERRUPTED ME! She goes “what do you MEAN: you’re alone? You do everything on your own? REALLY? Tell me ONE thing you do completely on your own?” Of course, me (thinking I’m all clever and dramatic), I blurt out “Breathing”. And she goes “NOPE. You are not. You are breathing the air of the dinosaurs, the particles exhaled by Jesus, by Mohammed, the air of the forests of this world, the air of billions of years. EVEN JUST BREATHING- you are NEVER alone.”


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